ID: 30301026
最大数量: 1

icon30 物理攻击力
icon50 法术强度
icon250 生命值
Passive: Landing a Basic Attack on a monster deals 50 True Damage and recovers Health equal to 10% of Damage and 13 Mana. Additionally, when Magical Skills hit monsters, the damage is increased by 60%.

Active: Using the item on T-ons or monsters deals 350-1200 True Damage based on the hero's level. When used on monsters, deals True Damage and recovers Health equal to 10% of Max Health and 100 additional Health. Using the item on an enemy hero steals 30% of their Movement Speed for 2 sec and deals 80 True Damage per sec for 3 sec. (icon60 sec)
Note that if multiple allies own the same item, the total amount of damage inflicted by that item will not increase. If the item inflicts a set amount of True Damage, the amount of damage will be divided by the number of items owned by heroes on the team, decreasing the True Damage inflicted per item.