Master Build Wukong off Splitpush objectiv ,1v1 after 4 items
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Hero: Wukong
Author: Welllou
Created: 26-01-2023
Last update: 27-01-2023
Lane: Solo Lane

Wukong stacks gold excessively fast and will allow to snowball and have double the equipment even without having a kill.  

At 7 minute 30 back to resell the green gem and buy a smite if all goes well in 7m30 wukong has in gold about 1800/2000 gold, prioritized the purchase of optimnium mace & wind element collector if it is impossible to finish the item Spirit fang

The max E in priority and here to maximize the gold farming BUT don't forget that last hit a T-on with agility stance gives back HP, if you fight in a wave don't hesitate to fight in agility stance the T-on with mark will give you back a lot of life (A clone that kills a T-on applies the effect of the mark even if you don't kill it yourself)

Wukong is bad at teamfighting so always push a lane opposite the objective that will pop, if the enemy team comes to challenge you your team will do the objective and you can join them with a TP to prevent them from coming fast.  

If the enemy doesn't come, the objective is in front of you and you will take the other objective or the towers + inib, Wukong dive very easily the towers / inib and fall easily the spirit / prime.  

After the 4th item Wukong can 1v1 the person designated to prevent Wukong from splitpush the enemy team will have to send 2 people, if this is the case your team will be 4v3 and can engage in a fight or trap an objective.  

If the core is at 50% and you have your ultimate lvl 3 you can resell the smite to go dive and finish the core "we prefer the green gem to have the shield in addition)

WARNING : Wukong is easily killable if he is overwhelmed don't hesitate to learn escape routes with this 2 spell in agility mode. If you get caught at every shift, it will not be profitable in the long run when the reappearance time becomes too long.
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Gravesheat 1-02-2023 13:06

This is the best build of the website by far !

80% winrate with this champ since I tried this and follow the advice of this build.

SO OP - Free Win , Fee RP !

Welllou thank you ! 

LeavingTheWolf 5-02-2023 05:57

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