Muriel Build made by GM from [league]
ID: 153
432 7 Rating: 16
Hero: Muriel
Author: Hybrid
Created: 11-12-2022
Last update: 15-12-2022
Lane: Support


after 100 games on this character, I found a build that is one of the most optimal in the game. Your main goal is to achieve as much cooldown reduction as possible so that your ms boost uptime from the right button is continuous all the time, while you choose items to be even more useful in the team.  

  Your first item is Dekima Gemstone of abundance III, you build it first to get more gold but mainly for the ability to build up to 3 wards at once, after calculating the price of the item and how much a good support would have to spend per recall on vision in erly-mid, I got that it is most optimal to upgrade the starting item immediately to the max,

  Victorius footstep, - the best supp item currently in the game, it provides cdr, it increases the ms of all allies near you and in addition it is an asset that gives a gigantic impact for the whole game,

  Mutant Po, - When I first saw this item, when I entered the game, I was like O_O it's too op, practically a polymorph of Lulu from League in the form of an item. Gives cdr and survivability to you and your carry when Kallari jumps on you etc

  This is where the stairs start, you want more cdr but at the same time the pool of cheap items is running out and on top of that you want to increase your health, and you have a choice between 2 items. Chain of unity [ad armor] / Swamp cloak [ap armor] you choose an item based on the amount of ap and ad damage in the opposing team,

  Ice Spirit Gloves, - This is -25% attack speed O_O bro here is no need to talk about great item.

  Trea's band, - a bit of a controversy here because it's built only for the last item, and the reason is that it gives only 5% cdr, the main power of muriel is not the amount of cover it provides, but the boost ms from this right button the more often you can provide it, the better That's why Trea's band is the last item because your third skill in maxing order is Gloving Light.


[For me, an item without a cdr is a weak item, so any Broken Watch or other this type item is not recommended in my opinion]

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noilerua 11-12-2022 17:34
very nice
TheGuv 16-12-2022 23:18
Not too shabby! Will give 'er a crack next game, cheers mate!
pullovers 19-12-2022 18:11
best build ever
Hybrid 21-12-2022 23:09
Thanks Bro <3
CookieMonzteh 16-06-2023 18:50
lonewolfsas1 30-12-2022 01:00
Pretty nice build, was able to help my team the whole game because of all that cooldown. We still lost, but that had nothing to do with me XD. Might try this build on another match.
CeleryOP 29-01-2023 22:03
Not viable, very little physical defence even though you spend most time in duo lane? 

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