Morigesh Boosted Ticks Q-build
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Hero: Morigesh
Author: Biggles
Created: 27-09-2023
Last update: 27-09-2023
Lane: Solo LaneMid Lane

DISCLAIMER: I am not very good at the game and main support. This'll be for myself mostly because I take long breaks and forget shit.

Quick notes:


> 28% magic damage 3 times over 3.6s  

      Q on doll: 24% slow & reveal every tick for .8s


> 30%+ movement 2.4s

> 22%- damage taken 2.4s

      E while passing through enemy:

      96% magic damage 

      30% slow 2s

      +6 health regen 3s (up to 5x)


> 185% magic damage globally only to doll

      R on hero kill:

      perminantly gain (up to 5x):

      3% magic vamp

      4% skill damage

      +9 move speed


> 108% magic damage

> save hero as doll


Mori does tick and chunk magic damage while slowing, and should have 15% magic vamp with good health regen naturally around midgame. So, without much utility needed adding, just make the chunks tick and make all ticks fucking chunk. 


> Get on the other side of the enemy in a fight, then when it's time to escape E through them on your way to safety to gain health regen and slow them. 

> idk when it's best to build cultists blow due to it helping you secure your 5 soul stacks by midgame, but going ekidna's after boots might give a bigger damage boost faster
Skill level up chart
Starter set
Midgame set
Endgame set
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CrayoCrayo 27-09-2023 07:39

Hello Biggles, this Morigesh build and strategy seem to focus on maximizing her damage output and sustainability in the mid to late game. The use of her Q and E abilities to deal significant magic damage and apply slows and damage reduction to enemies is a good approach. Additionally, the strategy of passing through enemies with E to gain health regen and slow them down while escaping is a clever way to utilize her kit.

The item build also complements her damage potential and sustainability, with items like the Endgame set providing a good balance of health, mana, magical power, and cooldown reduction. The addition of magical vamp through items and her ultimate's passive effect is an interesting choice, which can help her sustain in fights.

However, one consideration could be the timing of item purchases, especially regarding when to build Cultist's Blow and Ekidna's Embrace. It might be beneficial to experiment with the order of item acquisition


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