Khai Tank/Reduced crowd control
ID: 318
90 3 Rating: 7
Hero: Khaimera
Author: DaddiesCummies
Created: 14-12-2022
Last update: 14-12-2022
Lane: Jungle

Khai is an all in fighter and is biggest weakness is crowd control. 
I see a lot of people building him like an ADC (full crit attack damage, that stuff only works in low tier gameplay, in a 5v5 competive game you will get crushed for that)

He has no escape and one stun = all regen orb stacks lost and death. 
This build is designed to help midigate that. 

Ximias toy because the passive is too good to give up and provides solid stats
Treas band to increase the effectiveness of your regen orbs and life steal
Guardien of Helian to reduce crit damage
Emergency treatment to provide some more life steal and damage so you dont hit like a wet noodle
Blacksmiths scissors 30% tenacity to make stuns less effective on him and the passive so he can recover health while he is stunned
Superior imunnity booster: To block 1 stun ability, provide some more damage

This way you can jump in and tank like khai is meant to and one stun wont = death. This will give your team time to clean up while your causing havoc.
Skill level up chart
Endgame set
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nattodog 16-12-2022 11:30
This build has really helped me out, thanks.
Alpha 20-12-2022 07:58
crushed last game with this build thx
MoistCanada8228 21-09-2023 21:28
ima give this build a whirl on my 3rd game ever

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