Nouvelles du site
- Site updated to the latest version of the game. Maco added to the Hero Builder.
- Site updated to the latest version of the game.
- Fixed a bug, which prevented creation of new builds. Sorry about it guys.
- Site updated to the latest version of the game.
- Added Wukong to the Hero Builder.
- Registration/notification emails were broken. Fixed that. Please note, that emails will come from domain for some time.
Big update to the Hero Builder today:
- Added Passive Effects for the items.
- Added Hero Stats for each item set. Stats are displayed in accordance to selected items and Hero level.
- Added item quantity restrictions.
- Stackable items are now stored in the same item cell.
- Added support for German, French and Spanish languages.
- Added overall stats and total gold prices for the item sets in the Hero Builder.
- Site updated to the preload version of the game client.
- Fixed missing descriptions for Zena's skills and descriptions of the items in some languages.
- Fixed incorrect level restrictions in the Hero Builder.
- Added a reset button for the skill level up chart in the Hero Builder.
- Added icons for the stat filters in the items lists.
- Added Thai language to the site. The data for the rest of the languages supported by the game was not complete in the OBT version. I'll add the rest of the languages after the release of the game. As usual site's interface is translated via google translate, so there could be odd sentences here and there. If you wish to improve the translation in your language, please drop me a message in the Discord.
- Fixed the registration emails sending.
Hero Builder:
- Added level restrictions. Now it allows you to activate the skill levels only at appropriate level.
- Disabled the LMB skills in the skill level up chart and moved them to the bottom of the list.
- Added the highlighting of the skill level up chart cells available for activation.
- Added a Discord link to the site's menu.
Join it and react to the Paragon Role to post your suggestions and bug reports.
- Fixed a bug in the Hero Builder, which prevented adding of items into the item slots by clicking, and was opening up an item's page instead.
Site launch!
Welcome to the site dedicated to the upcoming Paragon the Overprime!
Here you'll find a Hero Builder and a complete database with all sorts of game data. More stuff will be added weekly.